Tuesday, January 13, 2009

tick tock

Nothing really happening on the house front as 'our contact' at Provincial isn't taking calls until the 17th. Didn't really want to push too much as we want to retain the continuity. We have an appointment over the weekend to go through next steps. woo.

Land wise, still waiting on StGeorge to come back with final approvals, and the broker mumbled something about 'early next week'. We'll see...

Other stuff has moved forward - Pool - chosen 2 likely candidates (Bluehaven as they are building in the other lots and few few recommended) and Narellan as I like the idea of their fiberglass options and their sizes/shape could be a good fit on the block. We have a site inspection tmrw with Narellan so will be interesting to see how the approach things.

Retaining walls and tree removal is giving me sleepless nights. Been doing lots of reading on the homeone forum this week and it all sounds like 'blank cheque' stuff. Might have to do some/most of it myself, depending on costs. ho hum.

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