Saturday, November 21, 2009

We have a loo! Yay!

In building terms, the delivery of a portaloo indicates one thing - the imminent arrival of People :)

This happened on Tuesday and on Friday "the concreting guy" said they would begin the piering on Saturday. I went over to site to take some pics and they were everything really fast, in total 122m of piers dug ready for the slab over the next two weeks or so. Next steps apparently, are cleanup, formwork, steel and then slab pour

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Finally some movement!

After what seems to be ages since the levels with council were sorted out, Provincial did the site cut on Saturday 14th. This officially starts the 'build process' and their clock starts ticking down (38weeks plus 5weeks for Christmas downtime).

We are really pleased with how the block looks now, but didn't realize how big the 'step up' through the levels was going to be.

At least we are on the way...

Looking down the block

Pool is now in, but still lots to do

Step up between garage and rear living spaces