Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Is it included or not?

Very pleased we went to see the display home again today. Every time I walk into the door I feel that it's the house for us. The idea of today's visit was to try and spot the finer details we may have missed. We missed lots previously :)

Here is the mail sent to the builders earlier tonight with a few questions...

Hi George,

Katrina and I spent a bit of time at the display home today and would like to clarify a few points with you if possible. It's amazing how the more you look, the more you notice :)

Hopefully we can go through these in finer detail if we meet on Friday.

1. The tender mentions 24 elec points scattered throughout the house. Do you have the standard electrical plan so we can see where each is located? We are also interested to know what provision is made for the fan and light in the alfresco area, and whether there are any additional external points for bbq area etc? What is the expected timeline for us to go through the locations? I presume this is done post commencement of contract?

2. Family bathroom - can we change the current corner bath to a more standard one? Would there be a cost reduction if we did? A standard bath would mean that the vanities would need to be slightly bigger as compensation, and we would like the vanity width extended to the edge of the sink as well?

3. Caesarstone in the upstairs bathrooms - the display home has these but they are not included in the tender price. Do you have an estimate if we chose this over laminate?

4. Would we be able to change the family bathroom sink? We would source our own - would this mean a cost reduction if we didn't take the display ones. Same goes for the 3 600mm mirrors in the bathrooms. We will source our own.

5. Can we change the bathroom floor drains from the (awful!) white plastic ones? We would opt for square stainless steel instead if available from your supplier.

6. What are the front door options? The urban fa├žade has a different door to the display home. Are there differences in price/colour etc? We would like the full door, instead of the sidelight panel.

7. For the rumpus room, what are the window dimensions?

8. The latest tender plans have the alfresco area as 2.52m only, which is impossible taking into account the current column placement from upstairs. We make this area as 3.2 x 6.5. Please confirm.

9. The Rumpus room at 2.52m deep is now too narrow to watch TV. I took a good look at the levels again and would like to make the rumpus 5 x 4.5 (which brings the outer wall in by 500mm). If we need to drop down into the lounge by 1 step to compensate the levels, then we would consider it.

10. Please add back the 2 side drop to island bench caesarstone. The cost for this was $1750 on a previous quote.

11. The tiled patio area outside the laundry seems to have dropped off the tender price. Please confirm if this is still included as it's likely we will need stairs from this area to work the levels correctly. Do we really need this? It's likely that I'll be pavin the whole area anyway.

12. Please confirm the house floor level? Is it as per the LHS garage, at 147.5m?

13. The revised tender now only make allowances for 20m deep edge beam, instead of 38m. Please confirm why this is?

14. As previously agreed, I would like you to move the aircon system and HW tank to the LHS of the house. This is to ensure a clear run down the RHS. If you needed a location for the aircon duct, I'd like to suggest the interior cupboard of the 5th bedroom upstairs.

15. We notice that the ducted hood in the kitchen is an optional extra. We presume that this is therefore not required? Would it be a huge inconvenience for us to swap the locations of the center sink with the cooker? We particularly dislike center sinks as it always looks messy and would like to cook in the center island instead.

16. Please provide an indication for the cost of the halogen downlights as per the display home?

Lots of questions, but look forward to your responses either via email or when we next meet.

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