Monday, January 5, 2009

Caprice by Provincial Homes

We have gone ahead and chosen Provincial Homes as the builder of our new home. We have been very impressed with their engagement so far and they have been very open to suggested plan changes.

Our design will be based on the Caprice. Link here. We are expanding downstairs to include a playroom (called a Rumpus here in AUS) and adding a 5th bedroom/ Studio room upstairs for Kat's endeavours.

The external facade will look similar to the photo above (but we will likely change the final colour's).

These are the standard floor plans. I'll post the final ones once they come from the design guys.


  1. Hi there - great blog. We're thinking of going with Provincial and the Caprice, but they require a contour survey before commencing - is this something you already had done prior to discussions with Provincial?

  2. Hi we are seriously looking at this home . Any hints for first timers?

  3. Hi,

    We're building the Caprice (slightly modified)in Mona Vale - encouraging to see the rapid progress you've had once things DID get started :)

    One question if you wouldn't mind - I noticed you mentioned 122 lineal metres of piering - how does that compare to what was "allowed" for in your contract?
    Not after very specific info - just looking to be prepared.

    PS. Love your reason for building. "Sick of looking at other people's crap houses to buy"

  4. Such a great blog Thankyou for sharing! We are just about to sign up for a nu Caprice at Narrabeen