Sunday, October 31, 2010

Green grass at last!

Finally, after much work we have (some) grass. What a huge difference. Pool fence also installed - so we are finally ready to complete the rear garden finishing.

Clearing the front



New frameless glass pool fence

First swim :)


  1. hi JJ... we're looking at quotes for our landscape and also considering a swimming pool.. hope it's not too much to ask, the cost of having a swimming pool done?

    thank you..
    olga of

  2. Hi Olga,

    I have a full running spreadsheet of the costs which includes the landscaping. Are you on H1 forum? If so, PM me and I'll send across the spreadsheet. I just hope you are sitting down at the time!

    Re pool - the vary wildly depending on how fancy pants you want it, and size of course. A semi-decent one is around $30-40k.

  3. Hi JJ, Thanks! What's the H1 forum? sorry i missed the post, was looking after my 2-year old...

    hmmm.. i wonder how i can give you my email address without broadcasting it to the whole world.. hehhe.. is the $30-40K inclusive of the whole landscape or just the pool? who's your landscaper? I asked for a quote from several companies, haven't heard anything yet but one gave me a range of between $70K to $90K for the pool and a cabana... and a standard landscape with an outdoor kitchen and a water feature for $80k!!! which i think is wayyyyyyyyy to expensive.... :(

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  5. The H1 forum is a fantastic resource. Check it out here:

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