Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kitchen install

Site is a hive of activity. Kitchen and internal stairs being done. A few pics below.

Ensuite cabinates

Kitchen and island installation

Rear view of house

Front almost completed (garage door to come)


  1. hi there
    your house is coming along great. I check your blog every now and then for updates so thanks for updating :)
    We are almost up to picking our internal colours for the caprice. I went to the display home to take pics of colours they used in the ensuite, kitchen etc. I don't like their kitchen/bathroom colours, yours are much nicer. We are thinking of going white in the bathrooms but still unsure about kitchens.
    Looking forward to the next instalment.

  2. Hi JJ

    I stumbled across your blog yesterday and just wanted to say how great it is as we are considering going with Provincial to build the Caprice. Many of the issues you raised we have also thought about about the Caprice (e.g. not liking the triangular shaped bath upstairs) - glad to see we're not the only pedantic ones out there .

    It sounds like your experience thus far with Provincial has been pretty good (touch wood). Would you recommend them as builders and are there any tips you can give us prior to signing our tender with them?