Monday, August 17, 2009

Electrical plan

We had our elec appointment with Clipsal today, and it went really well. We realised long ago that the standard provisions for lighting and powerpoints etc were never going to be enough, but the additional 8k spend was a bit of a surprise.

I'll load the elec plan later when we get it through from Clipsal. There is SO much to think about,downlights, pendants, transformers for outside lighting, security spotlights, recessed lighting for stairwell etc etc. It pays to be prepared and do your homework beforehand. Even so, it still took a full 2 hours to go through it all.

We also upgraded to their slimline range, and add in a few Saturn switches in the kitchen area for a bit of a feature.


  1. Hi Jonathan and Katrina, we are at the very early stages of our building journey and the Caprice is one of our shortlisted houses. Your blog is fantastic!

  2. Hi Sabs - glad you like the blog and good luck with the caprice if you go with it. We have been very impressed with provincial so far and are really looking forward to getting the house up now.