Thursday, February 5, 2009

Land closure and DA prep

Met with SA again today to finalise plans prior to DA. All good but we want/need to bi-fold the whole of the back of the house. Need to check if they can span 6.5m+ or we will have to incorporate a column. Otherwise, we are 95% there on the final plans.

Land wise - we have movement! Heard from solicitor today that completion will be this monday. 'Bring us a cheque tomorrow or meet us in Sydney at 9am.' Tomorrow it is. Very scary to be writing a cheque for $615k.

I need wine, just thinking about it....


  1. We're about to embark on a similar process as just bought a piece of land in Davidson and have decided to build the Caprice. Would be really interested to see how you go as you hear so many bad things about project builders. Also, how big is your land?

  2. Hi Alruss, missed your comment - sorry! I'd be keen to chat with you so we can share experiences. send me a mail to